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Miss SAKE 2019

Miss SAKE, the annual contest to find an ambassador for Japan which will present and market sake but also Japanese culture and history to different countries all around the world.
The winner that was crowned Miss Sake 2019 was Miss Sae Haruta.

Miss Sae Haruta

The finalists from throughout Japan made up for the title.

Words from the winner Sae Haruta


When I was 18 years old, I had studied abroad in the U.S. as an exchange student for 10 months. It was because I had a future dream to be a flight attendant of international flights. However, that experience totally changed my future dream. It is because I could see Japan objectively and compare Japanese culture with American one. Then I started look Japanese culture from the different angles and realized how wonderful Japanese culture is.

While going to University, I had worked at a Japanese restaurant and served Japanese food and sakes. There were many people from overseas and they enjoyed Japanese food and sake. I became very happy when they had a good time with Japanese things because I thought I could share the greatness of Japanese culture with foreigners. Thorough the experience, I reconfirmed that I really want to do something to spread the greatness of Japanese culture to the world and be a person like a bridge between Japan and the other countries in the future.

About becoming “2019 Miss SAKE”

At first, I am greatly honored to be 2019 Miss SAKE and really want to express gratitude to everyone who have supported me. The final selection of 2019 Miss SAKE was held on March 15th in Kyoto. The finalists for this year was composed of 21 ladies from different prefectures and we had training programs called “Nadeshiko Program”. From this experience, I could learn a lot of things from a variety of fields and deepen my knowledge.

Thanks to  this competition,  I reconfirmed the greatness of sake. I believe sake is not just alcohol, it is one of Japanese cultures. Across Japan, there are so many kinds of sakes. Each has a different story;  each sings a different song. Everyone at the brewery puts their heart and soul into every bottle. We must promote, teach and serve Japanese sake to people around the world and enjoy them together.

I have got lots of warm support from many people: instructors of Nadeshiko Programs, executive office staff, sponsors and so on. The finalists who participated in Nadeshiko Program together are my irreplaceable fellows. The great support from family, friends, all the people who involve with me made me what I am today.

I want to return the favor to everyone who have supported me through my activities sharing the charm of Japanese Sake and cultures as 2019 Miss SAKE.

I always appreciate your kind support. Thank you very much.

2019 Miss SAKE Japan, Sae Haruta

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