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Miss SAKE 2020

Miss SAKE, the annual contest to appoint an ambassador for Japan was arranged for the 7th time. Miss SAKE will for a year present and market sake and Japanese culture and to different countries all around the world.

The winner of Miss SAKE 2020 was Miss Shihori Matsui.

Winner of Miss SAKE 2020 - Miss Shihori Matsui

Miss SAKE 2020 top three finalists.

Representative Director of Miss SAKE, Mr. Nobuaki Aiba opens the contest.

The finalists from throughout Japan made up for the title.

Miss SAKE Japan 2020 is Shihori Matsui. She was elected July 6, 2020 at the Miss Sake final at the Westin Miyako Kyoto in Japan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the final was postponed from March.

Miss Shihori Matsui has been living in 3 countries. From the age of 5 to10 she lived in New Jersey, USA, went back to Japan but then went to Singapore to graduate at an international school in Singapore. She is majoring in veterinary medicine, but since Japanese culture has always been close to her heart, she sees her appointment to Miss SAKE 2020 as a great honor.

Miss Shihori Matsui's goal is now within the next year to become an ambassador not only for the divine drink sake but also for Japanese culture.

SakeTest.com congratulates the seventh Miss Sake Shihori Matsui and we are sure that she will be a good representative of Japan.

Words from Shihori Matsui - Miss SAKE 2020

I am currently a university student living in Tokachi, Hokkaido Japan, majoring in Veterinary medicine. From the age of 5-10, I lived in New Jersey, after spending years back in Japan, I graduated from an international school in Singapore.

Living in a 3 different countries for a decade has made me realize to cooperate with people around the world, I must learn about my own culture. From a simple curiosity, I have visited a Sake brewery and was astonished from the fact sake is a Japanese culture itself.

To become a veterinarian and to spread the fascination of a Japanese Sake to the world as 2020 Miss SAKE Japan is my biggest enthusiasm I comprehend.

It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that, I, Shihori Matsui was elected as 2020 Miss SAKE Japan, the 7th Miss SAKE. Due to COVID-19, the final competition has been postponed for 4 months.

Without the support of instructors who have given us learning through Nadeshiko Program, the Sponsors, successive Miss SAKE Grand Prix, and 2020 Miss SAKE finalists who shared the same passion, I was not able to full fill my enthusiasm and chase my dream till this day. Through 10 years of living abroad I have learned the importance to cherish my own culture, as it has been always involved in my identity.

Currently living in Tokachi, Hokkaido Japan, chasing my dream to become a Veterinary surgeon, a different dream has grown inside my heart. That is to spread the charm of SAKE, which embrace magnificent amount of Japanese culture.

I believe that the fascination of a Japanese SAKE, is not just the taste and the aroma of it, but moreover its traditional technique and the science behind it.

With sincere gratitude. As 2020 Miss SAKE Japan, I will give everything I could, to expand SAKE and Japanese culture to the world.

I will always appreciate your kind support.

Thank you very much for reading.

2020 Miss SAKE Japan

Shihori Matsui

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