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Miss SAKE 2021

Miss SAKE, the annual contest to appoint an ambassador for Japan was arranged for the 8th time. Miss SAKE will for a year present and market sake and Japanese culture and to different countries all around the world.

The winner of Miss SAKE 2021 was Miss Miyu Matsuzaki.

Winner of Miss SAKE 2021 - Miss Miyu Matsuzaki / Photo: MissSAKE Ass.

Words from Miyu Matsuzaki - Miss SAKE 2021

On June 21st, 2021, the final competition for 2021 Miss SAKE Japan was held in Tokyo.
I was given the Grand Prix to be the 2021 Miss SAKE Japan, 8th generation.
I am truly grateful for the support of all of you, especially the lectures at Nadeshiko Training Program, the sponsors, finalists for 2021 Miss SAKE, organizers of Miss SAKE, my friends and my family.
Without the support, I would not grow the love toward Japanese culture neither sake, looking for the true purpose to become Miss SAKE.
Sake brewing is not all about traditional alcoholic drinks. However, it actually creates a better society for the future from two aspects .
First, I have met remarkable brewers which have been trying to build lively communities by supporting the local economy for the next generation. Second, sake can make people’s lives comfortable by bringing identities and pride for all the people who have relation to Japan.
The true value of sake is creating connections which makes people’s life worthwhile. Therefore, I would like to spread the charm of sake as an alcoholic beverage itself and also as something that brings us a brighter future.
I will give my 100% to spread the charm of Sake with people all around the world.
I will always appreciate your kind support.

Thank you very much for reading.
2021 Miss SAKE Japan, Miyu Matsuzaki.

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