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Miss SAKE 2022

Miss SAKE Japan, the annual contest to elect an ambassador for Japanese sake and culture was held Monday, July 4th, at Westin Hotel in Kyoto. Winner 2022 was Miss Risa Isobe, representative of Shiga. She will in the next 12 months market not only sake but also Japanese culture and history to different countries all around the world.

20 finalists who were selected from nearly 1,000 applicants fought for the title. The representative Director of Miss Sake Japan Mika Onishi was very pleased and could once again state that the 2022 competition was a great success.

Winner of Miss SAKE 2022 - Miss Risa Isobe / Photo: MissSAKE Ass.

Words from Risa Isobe - Miss SAKE 2022

Hello everyone, my name is Risa Isobe, the 2022 Miss SAKE Japan. On July 4th, the final competition for 2022 Miss SAKE Japan was held at Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto, and I was given the Grand Prix to be 2022 Miss SAKE Japan, 9th generation.
I am very honored to receive such a prestigious award.

To the wonderful lecturers at Nadeshiko Training Program, the sponsors, the organizers of Miss SAKE, and to the finalists, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your support and encouragement.

My dream is to spread the wonderful Japanese food culture, including sake, throughout the world. The origin of my dream was when I was studying in France, local people proudly introduced to me the alcohol produced in their region.

It made me realize that sake, likewise, is a wonderful culture with a tradition that the Japanese people are proud to share with the world. I felt that Miss Sake's activities as an "ambassador to promote the appeal of Japanese sake and culture, both in Japan and abroad" was exactly what I had always wanted to do.

And now I am very glad to have been selected to represent Japan as 2022 Miss SAKE.

Therefore, my goals this year are to contribute to the further overseas development of Miss SAKE's activities and further local promotion of sake by utilizing the network and knowledge I have cultivated in France and Europe. I believe that it is what only I could do.

I will always appreciate your kind support and encouragement.
Thank you very much for reading.

2022 Miss SAKE Japan, Risa Isobe

The 20 finalists of 2022 along with some of the previous years' winners of Miss Sake Japan.

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Final words: I would like to congratulate Miss Sake Japan for another successful pageant. A special congratulations to Miss Sake 2022 Miss Risa Isobe. In 2023, I hope to be in Kyoto again and have the opportunity to attend the finals.

Sweden July 21st 2022 / Leif Almo /Hon. Consul General of Japan in Sweden / Founder of MissSake.com